Pavimentazioni industriali in calcestruzzo  Laser Screed TechnologyIndustrial concrete flooring
Laser Screed Technology

ITS adopts Laser Screed Technology using Laser Screed vibratory finishing machines with planimetric control. This state of the art choice ensures incomparable performance in terms of quality and quantity, significantly reducing both the time required and project costs. Using an automated system, the laser screed machines guarantee greater precision in the spreading of the cement, which is done according to a predetermined level and is completely standardised over the final surface. Optimising the support and vibrating-compacting stages makes it possible to overcome all the problems related to manual laying in terms of flatness, levelling, reducing the joins and mechanical stress.

Pavimentazioni post-tesePost-tension flooring

"Post-tensioning" represents the most innovative solution in the industrial cement flooring industry. This extremely high performance procedure replaces traditional reinforcements by mono-trefoil steel tendons that are treated and embedded in the cement, and then post-tensioned using hydraulic jacks. The result is monolithic flooring with a reduced thickness and without any shrinkage or checking gaps. This in turn ensures increased flatness and a drastic reduction in maintenance costs, as well as being highly resistant to cracks or warping.
ITS designs and implements post-tension flooring, and is involved at every level of the engineering and laying process. This is especially the case in areas characterised by high scaffolding, when there are high intensity loads, vehicle traffic using low resistance tyres or areas that require resin covering.

Pavimenti industriali in resina Industrial resin flooring

Resin flooring is made up of a special covering applied on different kinds of supports to provide a specific decorative, hygienic and dust-free effect, as well as being easy to use. The wide range on offer for this type of flooring (spatulated resin, polyurethane-cement, multi-layered, impregnating, self-levelling, thin film, ....) and the relevant processing and finishes that are possible (glossy, semi- glossy) make it especially easy to customise.

ITS provides consulting services to identify the most suitable covering and then implements the entire work cycle.

Pavimentazioni in calcestruzzo stampato Concrete moulded flooring

Moulded flooring has the same technical and structural features as the concrete flooring, with the addition of decorative finishes, which reproduce the beauty of the natural stone, rock, ceramic, brick or wood.

Pavimentazioni in ghiaietto lavato Smooth chip flooring

Smooth chip flooring has an excellent visual impact and is extremely adaptable. Thanks to ITS technology, it is possible to achieve different colour tones and geometric inlays using sought after materials like marble and natural stones.

Pavimentazioni semielasticheSemi-flexible flooring

Mixed type flooring obtained with cement, bitumen and resin, suitable for external flooring carrying high traffic and for logistics. The combination of resin and bitumen eliminates 90% of the joins, thus reducing maintenance costs over time.