QualitàDesigners and operators that are highly specialised represent the real added value to ITS projects. Our clients can rely on our highly specialised know-how, on the guarantee of the best suppliers and on the professionalism of our technical staff. The updating of resources, skills and work processes goes hand in hand with maintaining high standards in eco-sustainability. This approach can be seen in our use of state-of-the-art technologies, our decision to use the most innovative materials (steel fibres, special cements, water resins) and adopt new procedures that have a zero impact.

Final test and checking on compliance criteria

ITS personally performs the final test on the flooring, checking that each detail in its implementation fully complies with reference regulations:

  • - Ministerial Decree 14.01.08 "Technical regulations for construction"
  • - UNI 11146 "Cement flooring for industrial use - Criteria for designing, manufacturing and verification"
  • - UNI 206 "Cement. Specifications, performance, manufacturing and compliance"
  • - UNI 10966 "Resin coverings for flooring. Instructions for designing and execution"


ITS supports its clients with comprehensive consulting services, providing for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of every project, with the objective of ensuring that full quality is maintained throughout the flooring's life cycle. The main maintenance is concentrated on used and deteriorating surfaces, joins, tip-up loading areas, with only the best materials being used to ensure extended productivity and usage.

Based on the project's characteristics and the client's requirements, ITS makes it possible to customise maintenance contracts, implementing them according to fixed procedures or time frames. Once the work is completed, ITS always leaves behind a detailed User and Maintenance Manual. This is a valuable tool for preserving the flooring perfectly over time. It contains the technical details on the project calculations, the building methods and checks carried out during the project.

Code of Ethics

ITS operates in compliance with a strict and well-established internal code of ethics, which places the safety of staff, work sites and environmental sustainability at the centre of all its operating procedures. The Company guarantees fairness and clarity in its business dealings, quality in its work and social responsibility, as well as fairness and transparency in the way it operates.

ITS is also an active member of the main industry associations:


The quality, service and all building materials used by ITS comply with the highest standards and are guaranteed by EU certification.