Controls, preliminary checks and designing

ITS uses its skills and professionalism when designing to ensure that the flooring is laid perfectly. ITS takes into account all the technical variables and the relevant context, from the compacted condition of the base to the flatness level of the support, right up to checking on whether the fresh concrete is compliant.

The sizing, reinforcing, distancing and width of joins are calculated on the basis of specific requirements (loads, condition and thickness of support, temperature ranges). The quantity and application cycle relating to hardeners, any coverings and the wearing surface are instead based on the usage requirements of individual locations/ premises.

Demolition and redevelopment

ITS has an extensive and well-equipped range of machinery for demolishing old flooring over small and larger surface areas, and for disposing of the resulting waste material. ITS also redevelops flooring applying specific processing techniques (with resinous and/or concrete-based products) to the flooring's cortical layer.

This is always preceded by careful mechanical preparation of the support, where the scraping or sand blasting action reaches down to the "healthy" section of the flooring. The mechanical activity is done without creating any dust whatsoever.