The solutions

Industrial flooring represents the core of any manufacturing activity today. It provides the support on which companies stand and it's there that the movement of their staff, products, machinery and materials takes place. ITS handles every step of the process, so that its industrial floorings achieve excellence that is structurally sound and has an impeccable aesthetic impact.

ITS is your specialised partner in the laying of:

  • Industrial concrete flooring
    1. Super Flat flooring
    2. Laser Screed flooring
    3. Concrete moulded flooring
    4. Smooth chip flooring
    5. Semi-flexible flooring

  • Industrial resin flooring
  • Seamless and post-tension flooring
  • Demolition, recovery, redevelopment of existing flooring

Operating procedures:

These are dependant on the following parameters being complied with:

  • Usage
  • Operating load
  • Performance criteria
  • Compliance with current regulations
  • Guarantees

Sectors we work in:

  • Logistics
  • Mechanical sector
  • Chemical pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • Civil and Commercial
  • Agricultural
  • Indoor and outdoor multi-storey parking garages
  • Forecourts
  • Cold storerooms